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1. Marvelous marble

by:KINBART     2020-07-08
Marble Chopping boards are sleek, stylish and easy to clean. Unlike wood however, the hard surface of marble can blunt your knives so they are better used for rolling dough or as serving boards. We love the silky smooth black marble board, from Cargo. 2. Working wood Wooden chopping boards are a firm favourite as they won't ruin your sharp knives and they have antibacterial qualities. Hardwoods are considered the best for wooden chopping boards as they prevent scoring and absorption of liquid and dirt into the surface. This Laminated hard wood chopping board at Eskil Design comes in a unique and fun design. 3. Chop chop with Stainless steel Stainless Steel always looks ultra modern and is a great material for a smart chopping board. If you are proud of your kitchen surface, try this stainless steel worktop saver from John Lewis. It fits neatly to the work top edge and will prevent scratching or staining. 4. Glass mosaic Glass chopping boards are easy to clean and extremely durable. Brighten up your kitchen with this dazzling mosaic glass chopping board from Cargo. Not only is the 'Tutti Frutti' colour scheme great fun, but the product is dishwasher safe, odour and stain resistant and it carries a lifetime guarantee against breaking. Multi coloured and multi functional! 5. Mellow yellow It is now considered hygienic to colour code your chopping boards to reduce the risk of cross contamination. Yellow is used in the catering industry for cooked meats, this small chopping board at Cargo comes with a useful handle to help grip whilst chopping. 6. Seeing red It is advised to prepare uncooked meats on a red chopping board to prevent the spreading of nasty bacteria. This polypropylene chopping board from John Lewis has folding sides and a handle, so you can tip prepared food straight into the pot without losing some over the side. 7. Blue kitchen If you stick to the hygiene rules, blue boards should be used when preparing raw fish. We love this statement Big Block polyethylene chopping board at Amaroni. With its sheer thickness and size this blue board would never warp in the dishwasher. 8. Salsa verde Green Boards are intended for Salad and fruit. This lime green chopping board from Cargo, has a practical non-slip base to prevent slipping accidents. It also comes with a generous handle making the product easy to hang and store. 9. Bright white White boards are used for bread and dairy products such as cheese. This nifty Dual chopping board from Amorini would cater for all your chopping needs by avoiding cross contamination of food types. Made from the highest quality beech and moulded polyethylene, the two components are held together with a patented magnetic fixing which enables easy separation. 10. Colour coding made easy If it's too confusing remembering which colour goes with which food, try these cleverly tabbed and colour-coded index chopping boards from John Lewis. The boards come in a neat ABS storage case with a non-slip base. Each board has an illustrated tab clearly indicating which food it should be used for (veg, fish, raw meat, cooked food). Contemporary kitchenware doesn't come much more stylish or practical than this.
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