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"2017 smart restaurant" of the second world chef Art Festival

"2017 smart restaurant" of the second world chef Art Festival


Roast duck hamburger, unattended restaurant, healthy tea, standardized tofu brain, cloud management, intelligent cleaning, intelligent cooking These cutting-edge technologies and concepts leading the development of catering industry will be displayed in the "2017 smart restaurant" of the second world chef Art Festival in the form of "situational" activities.

As a practitioner of energy-saving, health and intelligent development of the industry, with years of understanding of the catering industry, Kodak has joined hands with Dadong duck, YIHAI KERRY, diboer and other brands of artistic conception dishes to create a different ecosystem of fast food kitchen. Through 360 degree panoramic experience, you can enjoy the most real and cutting-edge kitchen world!

Time: June 24-26, 2017

Venue: Hall 1a, China International Exhibition Center

Intelligent cooking + efficient cleaning = open a restaurant easily!

"2017 smart restaurant" intelligent cooking and efficient cleaning sector, with the participation of all major brands. The site will show the mutual cooperation of scientific storage management, digital cooking and the whole process cleaning, strive to build the concept of o2o interactive restaurant, through the integration of the restaurant process, effective management and control of equipment operation and maintenance, flexibly respond to the store demand, and reflect the concept of "everyone cooks". "2017 smart restaurant" will give full play to the operation experience under the premise of following the food health and safety, help restaurant managers to make multidimensional judgment from the aspects of equipment operation, cooking menu memory, tableware cleaning effect, more intuitive understanding of the restaurant status, implementation process efficiency and personnel mobilization, and truly realize the ease of opening the restaurant and making the restaurant at ease.

Creative economy of food manufacturing IP

In 1883, when the first motor and generator factory was established in Middleton, Ohio, the United States, the foundation stone of the century had been laid. With the industrial iteration, the kinbart brand has been continuously supported by users in their respective fields. Actively promote the sustainable development of the industry, do not forget to interact with parallel industries and regional cultural exchanges, and in practice, let the product land and take root in the demand. If we use the words of cultural industry boom, kinbart is the big IP of food manufacturing industry. An accurate IP positioning is just the cornerstone of the continuous development of the creative economy. Naturally, the kinbart brand also has more opportunities to be close to the change. 

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