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A restaurant owning high quality crockery sets

by:KINBART     2020-06-22
A good crockery set will add to the ambience of the room. There is nothing worse than going to eat at a restaurant and being served on chipped or cracked plates and bowls. This brings down the image of the whole establishment, and it is something that could be easily fixed with regular checks of your crockery. Using white or clear glass crockery sets is also preferable for many restaurants for a number of reasons. Firstly, if broken pieces of the set need to be replaced, these types are much easier to match. And secondly, these sets provide a sort of 'frame' for the food that other colours cannot. Food always looks better when presented on a white or glass platter. This is not to say that you should go out and find the most expensive crockery sets on the market - doing so is not feasible, especially in a restaurant environment. The thing to keep in mind when looking for crockery for a restaurant is that breakages and thefts are a common occurrence. Even so, it is possible to find high quality tableware sets on a budget, especially when shopping wholesale. The type of food that your restaurant serves should also play a role in the choice of crockery you ultimately purchase. A good set should display your food in a way that is practical and aesthetically pleasing. For example, if you owned a sushi bar, square plates and platters would be better suited to your restaurants, as these kinds of crockery show off the food best. It is also important for a restaurant owner to look at the durability of the pieces when trying to find a good crockery set. These pieces are going to be frequently used and washed, so you need to make sure the set is up to the task. Finding crockery that is dishwasher safe is highly preferable as this saves time when it comes to cleaning. Crockery sets should also be washed as soon as possible after being used to prevent food and drink from staining or damaging the china or glass. Scraping leftover food off crockery with a knife should also be avoided as much as possible as this can leave scratches on the surface of the set. Following these simple guidelines when looking for good quality crockery sets and then for caring for your existing pieces will help give your tableware a long life of serving customers.
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