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AGV automatic unmanned forklift

AGV automatic unmanned forklift


Performance characteristics


1、AGV Is a light, mechanical, electrical, computer, Information Systems as one of the mobile industrial robots, integrated with today;s advanced science and technology and application technology. AGV Is the symbol of factory automation logistics, which has strong guiding ability, high positioning precision and good performance of automatic driving.

2、AGV can quickly and all kinds of production lines, assembly lines, conveyor lines, platforms, shelves, operations and other organic integration. Can Be based on different requirements, to achieve different combinations of different functions. Can minimize the logistics cycle, reduce the turnover of materials consumption, to achieve material and processing, logistics and production, finished products and sales of flexible link, to maximize the production system efficiency.

3、Independence: agvs are self contained systems that perform specific tasks as a single system without the support of other systems. COMPATIBILITY: AGV Not only can work independently, but also better with other production systems, control management systems closely integrated, with outstanding compatibility and good adaptability. Security: AGV as the driving of automatic vehicles, with more perfect security protection ability, intelligent traffic management, safety and collision avoidance, multi-level warning, emergency braking, fault report and so on. Can play a unique role in many situations that are not suitable for human work.

4、Demonstration: AGV represents the advanced productivity, is the symbol of technological progress, can promote the quality of personnel, management level. AGV can also promote enterprise standardization, standardization, information infrastructure. At present, I-SO intelligent AGV carrying robot is widely used in electronic manufacturing, automobile, hardware, logistics, food, pharmacy and so on.







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