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Back of the House Restaurant Jobs The kitchen area and the staff that support it are typically considered the Back of the House. Below is a list of common Back of the House jobs positions in a restaurant. COOK JOBS Cooks are one of the most integral parts of a restaurant dining experience, because no matter how well the service is, your experience will be judged by the taste of your meal. A cook's responsibility may encompass more than just cooking, they may also be responsible for supervising and training kitchen staff. CHEF JOBS Not unlike a Cook, a Chef is one of the most important aspects of your dining experience since the Chef is responsible for planning the menu and the day-to-day operations of the kitchen. One of the main differences between a Chef and a Cook is certification. PASTRY CHEF JOBS For all you dessert lovers out there, you will want to send your accolades to the resident pastry chef of the restaurant you're attending. A pastry cook's responsibilities encompass similarities of both a chef and a cook. KITCHEN MANAGER / ASSISTANT MANAGER JOBS Depending on the size of the restaurant, a Kitchen Manager / Assistant Manager would take on all the administrative and managerial duties of the kitchen. However they may also have a dual role as a Chef or Cook. DISHWASHER JOBS A dishwasher can have numerous responsibilities; they may be expected to perform duties of a bus person, cook, and perhaps even waiter or waitress. A dishwasher position in a restaurant is generally an entry-level job for those who are interested in cooking. Front of the House Restaurant Jobs The dining area, which may encompass the bar area and all supporting staff is considered the Front of the House. Below is a list of common Front of the House positions in a restaurant. GENERAL MANAGER / ASSISTANT MANAGER JOBS The restaurant's General Manager and Assistant Manager run the show. It is ultimately their responsibility for all the functions of a restaurant from opening to closing and they may be required to act as a regular employee to fill in for last minute absences. HOST / HOSTESS JOBS The Host or Hostess is the person who greets and seats you when you enter a restaurant. A host or Hostess job is usually an entry-level position for those looking to become a waiter, waitress or bartender; they may also be expected to perform the duties of a waiter or waitress, bartender and bus person...and occasionally even as a bouncer. BARTENDER JOBS The bartender is located behind a bar serving up the beer, wine and cocktails that you have ordered. Depending on the type of restaurant, the bar area may be one with a social functionality in mind, or purely utilitarian. Regardless of the function of the bar, bartenders are required to enforce liquor legislation and regulations, and may be required to have some sort of certification. WAITER / WAITRESS JOBS Waiters and Waitresses will be your attendants from the time of your first drink order until the time you are puzzling how much of a tip you should leave. They take your meal orders, recommended wine, and always seem to have a habit of asking you how everything is once your mouth is full of food. Much like bartenders they must also enforce liquor legislation and regulations and be certified to serve alcohol. Servers may also be required to perform duties of a bartender, bus person and host or hostess. BUS PERSON JOBS A bus person's main responsibility is to clear tables of used glassware and dishes; they may be expected to take on the responsibilities of a host or hostess, waiter or waitress, bartender, dishwasher, or cook. Generally a Bus Person position is an entry-level job for those looking to become a waiter, waitress or bartender. So the next time you ask for a slice a bumbleberry pie and an iced tea, think about how many people helped make your small treat a reality. In a restaurant, it is a much bigger job than sitting down for a midnight snack at the kitchen table. ABOUT THE WRITERS David Leonhardt and Corey Rozon are SEO marketing consultants and writers. Learn more about restaurant jobs in Canada and especially about restaurant jobs in Montreal.
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