Professional production of automatic dishwasher machine.

At long last you are now a proud owner of a new

by:KINBART     2020-07-30
1. Establishing Electric Connection Install a 20 ampere circuit from the circuit breaker panel, if there is none installed before. Don't forget to turn off the power on the circuit you are going to work on. If you don't see a circuit then you'll have to do a little drilling. Drill a hole through the floor and continue its run to the circuit breaker panel. For convenience in servicing the dishwasher later you may leave about 6 feet of wire sticking through the hole. 2. Bore Holes in the Cabinet Wall Prior to installing drain hose a hole of about one and half inch needs to be drilled in the back wall of the cabinet. It should be drilled higher in the wall but should not hit the sink. 3. Connecting the Hose Through the hole just drilled sneak in the hose and join it with the dishwasher drain fitting on sink drain. If your sink is not equipped with this then you have to install one. 4. Attach the water supply line For this a water tap with a shutoff valve is required. You may find an easy tap valve which connects over existing water lines. Such valves bolt around the line and with sharp pointed bolt pierce the water line to provide for the dishwasher. Install this if required, you will have to connect one end of the water line to the tap valve and one to the dishwasher fitting. 5. Setting up wiring in the unit There are two base plate screws on the unit's front side. Use a screw driver to remove it. Once you have removed the cover bolt, you'll see a half inch hole where the wire is to be installed. Insert 6 inches of wire in the connector and tighten it there. Then insert the wire into the hole, strip it and connect tiny wires with their corresponding colors. 6. Slide the unit into the cabinet Now softly slip the unit into its place while taking care of drain, water hose and wire. Once it has been placed correctly, level the unit, leave the same amount of space on both side. 7. Final check up of the installation Now that everything is in place, you need to check all the connections. Turn the water tap and check for leaks. Next, turn on the electrical connection. Start one of the cycles on the unit. Let the unit be filled with water and start washing, later press cancel and see that the unit drains properly. 8. Installing Base Plates Once you have seen to it that everything is working alright, install the base plates to the unit. When done, you have a new fixture in your home.
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