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by:KINBART     2020-06-19
Harmony with Nature Every Blomberg product is built with 99.9% lead free materials, and 95% of their products are recyclable. This is all part of their commitment to producing appliances which are not only energy efficient but are also RoHS compliant. All the appliances are also Energy Star compliant, thus saving the customer money and energy. Refrigerators Blomberg refrigerators incorporate the finest technological innovations and they have a wide range of models and styles to suit every kitchen decor. Designed for consumer's comfort, the refrigerators come in various sizes so that they can fit into any kitchen. Backed by Blomberg's commitment to excellent after sales service, the refrigerators are among the finest available in the market. All the models have special coating on the inner walls to protect against bacteria and provide a safe storage environment. The glass shelves are impact resistant and also keep the food colder for longer stretches. Washing Machines Blomberg washing machines have a child lock option, so that children cannot fiddle around with the appliance. They also have an automatic water adjustment system, so that less clothes use less water, thus remaining loyal to the Blomberg philosophy of environment preservation. Ergonomically positioned control panels, simple program selection, time delay options, and a special Sensorinse suds detection facility, all these are proof of the superb engineering behind all Blomberg appliances. Dryers Co-ordinated with the washing machines, the dryers also have a child lock option, among their many other features. Their moisture and temperature sensors prevent the clothes from over-drying and post drying, the anti-crease cycle is automatically initiated. The doors are 15 inch wide, thereby permitting easy access to all the clothes. For different laundry needs, there are flexible expert programs. Dishwashers A Blomberg dishwasher uses an advanced sensor technology to detect the soil level of the dishes, and thus adjust the temperatures and the time to get the most optimum results. Simple innovations such as a stainless steel tank, a double float system and a bottom tray to protect against flooding, and a five level wash system make these excellent additions to any kitchen. Any type of detergent can be used in these dishwashers, and there is also an option of half load washing. Users will be delighted with the efficient space utilization and the flexible loading options. In a nutshell, a company with experience of more than a century would invariably go wrong, and choosing them as the seller is nothing but common sense on part of the consumer.
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