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But there are a number of ways you can transform

by:KINBART     2020-07-03
You can choose a smooth white marble floor, a few square meters of tiles with a glossy sheen, which always brings an element of light made in your kitchen, as it reflects the light upward. Or choose a warm sandy beach tone for a similar effect. Once you select the tile of your choice, you have to Cabinet material that it fits to choose. If you do, then choose soft colors, such as oak or light wood look good, or even cherry wood and other rich oak, and white and even though the country is more a feeling, if you have white on white. You can decorate your cabinets with special touches such as knobs and handles, which can result in different vibe, like normal golden knobs or handles made of brass, not matter what you prefer, you're sure to find something to complement your taste, with no trouble. Then the next step to a working disk, which should complement your various instruments to decide. So, choose something dark and shiny, if you want a silver look to your kitchen. If your refrigerator, dishwasher and sink are made of stainless steel and your oven and microwave is black and shiny, then choose something that is dark, everything is true, and it will offset the white and give your kitchen a very modern style. Or you can do something, the light is too white and correspond to brighter devices. Whatever you do, keep them all consistent and well chosen. And then select the theme and motif of your kitchen by the window curtains and tables to fit the theme. If you have a darker kitchen, then choose something like indigo or red or green to complement the curtains and select a table made of cherry wood instead of glass. Or a black table would work well in this situation. For lighter kitchens, tables were made of wood, light in color or even know him are a very airy feel and drapes, pastel in color or yellow or checkered would be a nice complement to his. Hanging-wall ornaments and vases with fresh flowers or wrong are also a great way to inject some light and style to your kitchen for a more airy and refreshing feeling to the whole thing. For a large kitchen, matching and mixing colors will offer you a large.
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