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Considered by many as the most important room in the house

by:KINBART     2020-07-12
Sometimes our kitchen falls short of our expectations and as such, we think of ways to revitalize it or improve its efficiency to be able to use it better. However, remodeling or designing your kitchen is something that is not as easy as choosing what to wear for the day. It is something that requires a lot of careful thought and consideration and while kitchen designs abound online, choosing the best design can still be tricky. Remodeling a kitchen can usually be anything simple like changing the doors, windows or countertops. But if you are set on a complete overhaul, then you need to consider several factors first like the possibility of demolishing your current kitchen to make way for the new one, retiling, repainting or re-flooring if you think it's worth your money, shopping for or assembling an entirely new kitchen. You also have to determine whether you want to do it yourself or professionally. The first consideration when you want to remodel or design your kitchen aside from gathering great kitchen ideas is of course to do it all without causing too much of a dent in your bank account and most people feel that doing the job themselves does the trick. If you are in complete agreement with this, then there are things you should know beforehand if you are to design the kitchen that's best for you and your family. Remember that it's not the expense that matters but the efficiency it will eventually bring. The first thing you need to know should be the room size. This includes the room's dimension, the position of the external walls and sloping ceilings, the width and height of doors and windows, etc. You will also need to know exactly where the electricity and gas connections will be placed, as well as the sink and plumbing. Incidentally, you will also need to know what kind of walls you have (concrete, brick or plasterboard) and if you can demolish it completely or be able to hang wall cabinets. The second thing is going to be how often will you be using the kitchen and this is usually determined by the number of people in your household, if you do a lot or little entertaining, or if you want the kitchen to double as a workroom where you can put up an office. You may also consider special needs like having elderly or disabled relatives in the house. In this aspect, the layout of your kitchen floor plans is also important since you have to be able to work freely when in the kitchen. You should be able to have a smooth work flow when preparing, cooking and storing your food and for that, a triangle layout is preferred by most because it allows for easy movements. Of course, let's not forget the plumbing and electricity in which there are important rules to remember like no sockets should be installed above and below the sink and that plumbing should always be below the sink for easy access in case of accidents, in addition to the fact that is also easier to assemble and install in that area. It is also best to remember not to put the sockets behind the oven, microwave and fridge. Of course, we know as well that the core of the best kitchen designs is the kitchen cabinets and appliances. You can choose to either buy these cabinets ready-made or have them customized, which is a cheaper option as well as one that fits better with your DIY scheme. There are usually three types of cabinets that you need to consider like base cabinets where you can put pots, pans and plates. The wall cabinets are where you can store appliances like microwave ovens, coffee makers and range hoods. And then there are the high cabinets where you can put your built-in fridge or store cleaning appliances like your Hoover and push-broom buckets. The last aspect you need to consider for your kitchen remodeling or designing is of course, what appliances you want in it. While you can basically put in a dishwasher, microwave oven, oven, fridge, electric or gas hob, hood, coffeemaker or steam oven, remember that they should be placed according the working triangle layout. This starts with the fridge and the trick is to make sure to position your appliances at three points where they are not too far from each other. This layout will help you decide where to put the three main areas where you'll have everything you need.
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