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Drinking glasses are the essential collection

by:KINBART     2020-07-07
Reason, the design of Confetti glasses is inspired with traditional spotted Mexico art. First of all, these glass sets were introduced by famous artist Alfredo Garcia-Lucio. The colorful design of this glass set makes them different than others. The other reason that contributes in the popularity of these colorful glass set is that it exhibits unique sense of being planet lover because the use of these glasses saves to reduce the garbage on the planet. Multi color design makes this tumbler set easy coordinating to any glassware you may have. These are made of recycled plastic of soft drinks bottles by hand blown technique. As these are handmade, so, there may be slight alteration in the dimension and shape of glasses of a set. The use of this art is not limited only to glass set. Just have a look over this glassware addition option and you would certainly like to have complete range that included tumblers, bowls and pitchers etc. Each of Confetti glasses has 14 oz beverage capacity. The size measures 3x6 inches. However, because of the increasing number of manufacturers, these are available in other dimensions also. Market survey reports state that the trend cautious buyers do not like much of high or wide glasses. Confetti glasses are not light and not much heavy. The shape and size of branded glasses is comfortable to handle. These are Dishwasher-safe and last long. Therefore, colors remain as bright even after extensive usage. The round edges deliver real pleasure of sipping the drinks. So, do not let this festive season go without buying a set of multicolor Confetti Glasses.
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