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by:KINBART     2020-08-11
Efficient and easy to use The Magic Bullet juicer comes with a set of tools and attachments that let you prepare food items. It usually includes a 17-set to a 25-set of various accessories such as blades, shakers, steamers and lids, among a few others. This product also comes with several mugs, which serve as the container for the food items. Simply place the ingredients inside the mug, and then connect the attachments that you will need. If you have to chop or mince onions, twist on the blade before placing the mug in the power base. Cover the container with a lid, and press down. You also need to do this no matter what method of food preparation you need to do. You will not have a difficult time getting started because this product comes with an instruction manual. In case you suddenly become unsure of how to use a particular attachment, you can always consult the manual for quick help. Space saver and convenient This product comes in small sizes that you can simply store in a kitchen cabinet or drawers. Since the Magic Bullet juicer can perform several functions, you no longer need to purchase bulky kitchen appliances. With just one portable tool, you can do away with a blender, a food processor and a mixer. You will not only save on money, but you also end up having more countertop space with this product. Moreover, you can use this juicer any time you please because it is lightweight and convenient to use. Easy to clean and to maintain Each attachment tool is dishwasher-safe; after use, you can simply toss it in the dishwasher, and let the machine do the quick clean up for you. As for the power base, you can spot clean it with a damp cloth. This product comes with a sturdy construction, thus it is not a problem when it comes to maintenance. You only need to keep every tool clean and you can be sure that these will still work just as great as when you first used them. Economical and reasonably priced Compared to several kitchen appliances, the Magic Bullet is very inexpensive. With only less than $50, you can already purchase a 17- or 25-piece set of tools, including the power base. Certainly, this economical product lets you do so much with the smart accessories included. With all these amazing features and benefits of the Magic Bullet juicer, it is only worth it for you to try the product. Join the band of product users that were amazed (and still are) about the wonders that the Magic Bullet juicer can do.
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