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Hood Type Dishwasher KB-60K +KB-002

Hood Type Dishwasher KB-60K +KB-002
Professional Dishwasher Machine

Product Description: KB-60K

Maximum cleaning capacity: 60 baskets / hour

Suitable number of people: about 100

Dishwasher Kit:

Dishwasher host, front and rear working tables (dirty dish table), automatic dispensing of liquid medicine

Detergent, drier, high pressure shower, bowl basket (optional)

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Features And Advantages


The unique surrounding spray design makes the water curtain more evenly distributed, ensures the washing effect, and realizes 40% energy saving

Intelligent control system, with automatic fault detection module and automatic protection system

Simple operation, touch key, three cleaning gears, meeting different cleaning requirements

④  The operating height based on ergonomics makes it easy for operators to load and unload tableware and reduce labor intensity

⑤ Automatic protection device: in operation, when the door is suddenly opened, it will automatically stop running to prevent water splashing and protect personal safety.

Function Introduction


1. After the simple deslagging of tableware (remove the large particle residue), directly put it into the dishwasher, automatically clean and disinfect. After cleaning, tableware can be directly used or saved, simple and quick.
2. Intelligent control system, automatic fault detection module, circuit protection module, etc., make dishwasher performance very stable.
3. Accurate double temperature control system, accurate calculation of heating time, energy saving
4. Patented nozzle design, which makes the water curtain form a fan-shaped structure, increases the cleaning area and enhances the cleaning effect
5. The multi-layer filtering system can make the water fully recycled and automatically drain the oil. Multiple spraying and rinsing can make tableware clean and sanitary and achieve high temperature disinfection effect.
6. All adopt Schneider Electric, overload protector, etc. imported from France; adopt imported motor, durable; adopt thickened industrial grade heating pipe, with dry burning protection, etc
7. The whole machine is made of 304 stainless steel.
8. All electrical appliances have circuit protection to ensure the normal use of each part
9. All the products of the company are free of charge, one-stop after-sales service of door-to-door installation, debugging and training.
One year warranty, lifetime maintenance!
10. The first layer of the whole machine is wrapped with preservative film, the second layer is protected by air cushion film, and the third layer is protected by tray underframe and carton packaging

Model Technical Parameters

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Cleaning pump power


Loading height


Heating power of water tank


Cleaning temperature


Spray heating power


Spray temperature


Power distribution


Water consumption per basket


Power Supply


Tank capacity


Outline size



Product Details

Which combines fast clean and high temperature disinfection kinbart KB series intelligent control commercial dishwashers

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