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In this day and age, machinery and appliances

by:KINBART     2020-08-18
What can you do to save energy and money in your own home? Here are some tips to get you started: 1. According to statistics in the UK, tons of energy are released by the millions every year because people neglect to unplug their appliances when they are not in use. This method is known as keeping appliances on standby, an energy drainer even if the appliance is not directly in use. Before going to bed at night, make a round to check all of the plugs from your main appliances. Washing machines and dryers are huge items that could reduce your energy output if unplugged overnight. Smaller items like phone chargers and televisions would help to conserve energy if unplugged when not in use. 2. So much unnecessary energy is being spent on appliances that are run in less than economical ways. Running the dishwasher when it is only partly full, having a cheap washing machine but still not filling the loads, and turning on lights when natural sunlight will do, are all contributors to this increase of energy use. Use lower settings on your washing machine and dryer and try to fill all loads before running the appliance. 3. If you have to replace a product like a light bulb or other electrical fixture, use energy efficient products instead of those that suck large amounts of energy to do the same amount of work. Even larger appliances will display an energy efficient logo and are good to use if you are in the market for a new one. 4. Think before turning on a light switch, do I really need this? Am I filling the load in the washing machine or dryer before running it? Am I leaving appliances plugged in all the time and using unnecessary amounts of energy. It isn't just about the environment, it's about your wallet to! You could go on holiday with the amount of money that you will save by just being more energy efficient and open-minded. 5. If it is time to replace that old appliance, what will you do with it? The most environmentally friendly thing to do is recycle! Yes, you can even recycle large household appliances and most technological products! It is best to recycle and not add to the waste that is piling up throughout the environment; and then switch to an energy efficient product instead.
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