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It is Murphy's law that 'Things go wrong when

by:KINBART     2020-08-20
Our home appliances are expected to work first time, every time and it is only when the stop that we consider the cost of repair or replacement. We all regularly see the major retailer catalogues promoting the latest special of the week on a new TV, Fridge, or Washing Machine - and there are some fantastic bargains to be had. Yet often it is cheaper or easier to have the appliance repairer, especially where a new appliance would need to be re-installed such as ovens, cooktops, rangehoods, mounted dryers and dishwashers. Often your local appliance repairer can offer you some expert advice on both the cost of the repair and the options for replacement. Reasons to consider repair rather than replacement of your home appliances: * Immediate Cost - It is nearly usually less pricey to repair your appliance than to change it entirely. * Time - Buying a new appliance requires research in person or online; Deciding on the right appliance; Finding the best deal; arranging delivery & installation; arranging the removal of your existing appliance; Learning how to use the new appliance. Often the potential inconvenienve of waiting for a trades person is exactly the same if not a whole lot less than waiting for the delivery man! It is generally a lot more time consuming to replace rather than repair. * Installation Issues - Many people incorrectly assume that the new appliance will automatically fit into the space that last one fit into. It is generally easy to measure the footprint of laundry appliance but considerations need to be made for counter tops, venting, powerpoints, existing laundry tubs and other fixtures in your laundry. Replacing Kitchen appliances is a lot more difficult. Knowing the exact size of the cavity in your kitchen is extremely important. Often kitchen installers do not use the recommended measurements for the manufacturer and can cut the cavity spaces too small. While this might fit your existing appliance a replacement may only be 5mm larger but this can cost you many $100's in kitchen modifications. Or even worse, the replacement is too small and now does not fit properly and the appliance is unsafe to use. * Kitchen damage during re-installation - When you make a decision to substitute your appliance, the removal and new installation process constantly invites the danger of scuffs, nicks, marks, and other damages to your floors, cupboards, and counters. Repair solutions these kinds of as repairing your dishwasher's door latch or replacing your dryer belt are basically significantly less invasive processes than complete alternative. One Australian company has come up with a unique 'Risk-Free Service Call' to cater for the complete needs of customers when their appliance breaks down. Aussie Whitegoods Rescue will conduct a service call on your broken home appliance, if it you choose to replace rather than repair, they will credit up to 100% of the service call back to your new appliance. 'We have many customers who contact us with a broken appliance and are unsure if they should repair or replace. Our 'Risk-Free Service call' means they get the best of both worlds. We visit and repair their appliance or we advise on replacement with an on-site measurement and install their replacement appliance. Our customer's love this service as they always receive the best solution for their situation' said director Daniel Bartels.
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