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It is no secret that any catering business will

by:KINBART     2020-08-06
This cost can be broken down into the price of the machine itself, the price of having it installed in your business, the electricity costs of running it, as well as the cost of the detergent and rinse aid, not to mention the price of maintenance... It immediately begins to seem quite daunting. Yet there is a simple choice; catering business or no catering business? Whatever happens, you will have no option but to buy a commercial dishwasher for your business, but at the same time, you do have the option to make your usage of the machine as economically friendly as possible. Who knows - by doing so you might even help the environment a little. First of all, no matter how silly this sounds, it is imperative to ensure that the dishwasher is totally filled before each wash cycle is started, and to that end, it is equally imperative to drill this into each and every member of your kitchen staff. While a commercial dishwasher is much quicker and more efficient than a domestic model, it will still cost more in energy consumption and detergent. Yet at the same time, you are able to get a lot more dishes washed quickly with the machine. But if you are not filling it completely before each wash, then you are quite simply wasting money, wasting electricity and wasting water. For example, a full commercial dishwasher could clean 540 plates in an hour, but if you wash several half-filled loads, this number will plummet, and if you are not getting the high efficiency that the machine is designed for, then you are using the machine as a vastly expensive variant of domestic dishwasher. So not only will ensuring your commercial dishwasher is filled before every wash save you money and get optimum usage out of the machine, but it will also save water, and therefore be more environmentally friendly. However, you can make sure your dishwasher is even more environmentally friendly and, at the same time, save some money, by keeping tabs on the water temperature. As much as it sounds like an extra thing to remember, just a little glance at the temperature gauge, to ensure that the water never goes above 180 degrees Fahrenheit during the rinse cycle, could well save the pounds and the environment. By using less energy, your electricity bills will be lower, and with the machine running more efficiently, and not at too high or low a temperature, no water or electricity will be wasted. It's simple, really; your commercial dishwasher is a necessary fixture in your catering business, and while it may seem like a prohibitive expense, there are many small, simple ways that help you to avoid paying money you could be saving, while at the same time, doing just that little bit to prevent any more harm being done to the Earth. For full range of top brands of commercial dishwashers visit our site. Full range of spares and accessories for most commercial dishwashers. Ian Jones advises on washing equipment and supplies glass washers
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