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by:KINBART     2020-06-25
The Hammered Salad Bowl is the best in providing beautiful presentations of all your home cooked meals. The restaurant has a sandwich lunch menu and offers a Soup of the Day and a Lunch Special. Perfect for serving rice, but can also be used to serve snacks, olives or for potpourri. It is also an ideal size for soup. You certainly do not have to be Buddhist to appreciate the offerings in this cookbook. Roasted vegetables, grain salads, savory greens, refreshing beverages, fruit compotes, and soups are spotlighted in appealing photos. The recipes are interspersed with Hammered Salad Bowl proverbs and anecdotes from the center. The three bowls of the title are the standard serving vessels of the monastery, one large and two smaller; the three recipes for each meal are chosen to complement one another and form a balanced, seasonally appropriate whole. There is a new vegetarian vegan cafe called the Singing Bowl. Although their primary focus is vegan, they will add dairy cheese to sandwiches for your non vegan friends. Even though vegan is the new vegetarian, some people still find a vegetarian restaurant more approachable than a vegan one. It is still dishwasher safe and has the feel and look of regular melamine plastic bowls.
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