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by:KINBART     2020-08-05
We cannot afford chemical traces. Upon our baby's intake, the smallest residues might bring irremediable damage. The usual dishwater detergents we are using undergo chemical treatments, with ingredients that we all know are useful but at the same time, harmful. It is important that we know them and analyze their effects, for the next time that we go shopping, we are aware what to avoid in the packaging. Dishwashers in the market contain three main ingredients: phosphates, chlorine and petroleum. There might be a difference in their names but all these cause health and environment hazards: * Phosphates used to soften hard water; still active after wastewater treatment; residues on dish may cause nausea, diarrhea and skin irritations. * Chlorine acts as the detergents' disinfectant; highly corrosive and carcinogenic; may cause respiratory, skin and stomach disorders. * Petroleum, synthetic dyes and fragrances they do no improvement in the cleaning power and may be considered as additives. After washing our dishes, the wastewater flows down the drainage to receive its treatment. In the process, toxic chemicals are neutralized, but most of them still remain. They are released into our waterways, and there goes the pollution and deterioration of environment and life forms in it. In choosing the right dishwasher detergents for our home, it is important not to be deceived by tricky tags like 'green' and 'all-natural'. Instead, go for the more reliable 'phosphate-free' or 'no-chlorine'. Always check and countercheck the labels, there might be some crucial information hiding in it. Make sure that all the ingredients are friendly to you, much more so to your baby's sensitive condition. Organic cleaners are always recommended for usage. Baby safe, natural cleaners like BabyGanics Dish Dazzler Dishwasher Detergent will also help to ensure that you and your baby are not exposed to chemical traces that might be lingering around the dish and bottles.
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