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Look After that Tassimo

by:KINBART     2020-08-13
Although the Tassimo Coffee Maker has been designed to require minimal maintenance like all appliances it does need some regular TLC (tender loving care). Looking after any appliance not only ensures that it performs correctly it will normally extend it's useful life as well. We have all seen instances where an appliance has been treated with disregard and as a result has failed long before it should. Don't let this happen to your Tassimo Coffee Maker. Taste Tells And there is another more specific reason for taking care of an appliance like a coffee machine - taste! What could be more important than water quality when making a good cup of coffee (or tea, or hot chocolate) And the Tassimo single serve machine makes all of these beverages with ease. Just remember that de-scaling is a separate operation that also needs to be done from time to time depending on your water quality. So what is required to keep things in good day to day working order? Safety First Always First and foremost ensure that the appliance is disconnected from the power supply by unplugging it from the wall socket. And never immerse it in water or use any form of assisted cleaning like a steam cleaner or scourers. Be careful if has been used recently to ensure that you do not contact anything hot like the piercing unit. Now Start Cleaning. Clean the barcode scanner quite frequently using a soft damp cloth to ensure that the reader can correctly scan the T Disc barcodes. Wipe the outside of the unit down with a soft, damp cloth Next you need to hand rinse both the water tank, water tank lid and the filter cartridge holder for those units that have a water filter. Certainly do not place them in the dishwasher because they will not survive! Parts that can can be put through the dishwasher are the cup stand, the T disc holder, the piercing unit and the drink outlet. Alternatively clean them thoroughly by hand washing. And for longer drink runs the piercing unit may need a quick hand clean under a running tap. Finally it is recommended by Bosch that the Tassimo Service T Disc be used on a regular basis to keep the machine in top condition. The service T Disc is carried in aa storage compartment on the unit behind the water tank. (It is best if it is always kept there so it can be found when needed. And one tip that may prove useful. When a milky or hot chocolate drink is dispensed Bosch recommend the use of th Service T Disc before making another drink. De-Scaling is a separate exercise and will be dealt with in another article. Do It Regularly So with regular attention to cleaning the Tassimo Coffee Maker it should contine to give valuable service for many years, one cup at time.
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