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Never allow you children with your dishwasher.

by:KINBART     2020-08-10
Keep detergents out of children's reach and do not put detergent in the machine until right before you start the washing program. The water in you dishwasher is not suitable for drinking, for this reason do not allow your children near your machine when the front door is open. Never allow your children play on or sit onto the front door when the front door is open. After unpacking your machine, keep the packing material out of children's reach. Warning! The appliances are not intended for use by young children or inform persons without supervision. The dishwasher has been designed to clean your dirty dishes at home. Never use chemical solvents in your machine this may lead to explosion risk. Never use materials other than coarse salt/specially produced softening salts in the salt container of your machine. Never use materials other than specially produced detergents and rinse-aids in the detergent and rinse-aid containers of your machine. When you want to change the position of your Dishwasher, follow all the warnings mentioned in the section after making sure that the machine is empty. Please dispose of packaging material and old appliances carefully. Please ensure old machines do not become a threat to child safety. It is known that children lock themselves in unused machines. To avoid such a problem it is advised that you cut the mains cable off and break the door latch so it does not lock.
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