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Nitrile glove production line

Nitrile Gloves making machine production line Processes

Hand mould cleaning→Hand mould oven→coagulate tank→oven→Latex dipping tank1→Oven→Latex dipping tank 2→Oven→water washing→Oven→Beading→Main oven→Cooling→Chlorine wash tank→water washing→neutralization→PU tank→Final oven→Pre-stripping→stripping→QC→Packing→Storing→Pre-selling check→Sold.

Nitrile gloves are acid and alkali resistance,oil resistance,non-toxic, harmless and tasteless. It is made ofnitrile synthetic material without the protein contains in the latex which can easily make human allergic. It has a lot of advantages like the following:selecting formula and advanced technology, soft and comfortable non slip, flexible operation.

Nitrile glove production line

Model Technical Parameters

HIGH-QUALITY LATEX equipment production line, let you really worry about the professional manufacturers

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Experienced construction team and perfect manufacturing means, at the same time with low energy consumption, high standard equipment, high quality assurance, has won the trust of cooperative customers.

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