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One thing cat owners know about is the choosiness

by:KINBART     2020-06-21
Owners of pets also know about some health issues that are exclusive to their pets, and some that while not unique are absolutely more common in cats. Things like cat feline acne and infections of the urinary tract and kidneys. Those last two are straightly related to the cat drinking lots of new, clean water. All pets need lots of water, but cats are particularly prone to these problems if they do not get enough water. Not like other pets, cats will at times refuse to drink from a bowl if it is still water. Most other pets will in time cave in and get into a routine of drinking from their bowl. This stubbornness can get cats in trouble with their health. Thus, as you can see, the addition of an automatic pet water fountain to your home can benefit your cats at the same time it is making your life a bit simpler. You will not have to wash and change water every day if you acquire the right fountain. The charcoal filter can last anywhere from two to four weeks, and the water should be enough to last at least a couple of days. Running water captures your cat's attention. The pet fountain sirens the subtle sounds of running water, triggering the natural instinct of your family companion to intake more nourishing fluids. Back to your cat's health for a while, there are a couple of health issues to take into account as soon as selecting exactly which fountain to purchase. Majority of pet fountains are made from plastic. But plastic is easily scratched and those scratches can very easily become the place where bacteria start to flourish. Feline acne is caused by bacteria, thus here again you have to be even more careful with this once it comes to cats. Fortunately, there are a couple of very good ceramic pet fountains on the marketplace that almost eliminate this concern. They look good, and cannot be scratched like plastic, thus they are less prone to the issue of bacteria. Certainly this is dependent on the unit being kept clean. A benefit for you is a pet fountain that 'automatically refills the basin' and continuously sanitizes the cat fountain. Fortunately most of these automatic pet water fountains are dishwasher safe, just one more thing that makes your life a little simpler.
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