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Personnel costs to run a canteen can be pretty steep

by:KINBART     2020-08-14
Modern day coffee vending machines do more than giving you the kind of coffee you were yearning for. Quite often they are hot drink solutions in themselves. Soups to satisfy hunger pangs, tea and coffee to refresh, hot chocolate or maybe even Bovril or Bournvita to nourish can all be dispensed by coffee vending machines. If you use disposable cups, then time, money and products spent on cleaning crockery are conserved. The spinoff is considerable. A well-fed and watered staff is naturally more productive. With a self-service vending machine to assuage their hunger pangs and beverage needs people don't have a valid reason to spend time outside the office for extended periods. This time which is saved can ensure that people can complete their work more swiftly and go home or to honor social commitments. Also, if someone does need to stay long periods in office, food and beverages are right there at hand. It all means more satisfied personnel and a more cheerful office. If the official policy is that the staff pay for products they take from the vending machine or coffee vending machine, still the staff don't usually mind as the products are reasonably priced. Quite often the vending machine will accept coins, notes and cards. It will even tender back the exact change if you don't have it. Best of all it can be used round the clock as it does not have to follow the closing norms of shops.
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