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Renting a luxury apartment in the famous city

by:KINBART     2020-07-12
You can shop in the nearby shopping complex. This apartment has direct access to the public transport and all the main schools and entertainment centers are at very close distance. So you can find all the necessary facilities or perks required for comfortable living near this apartment. Generally, the luxury apartments are equipped with all the necessary facilities such as kitchen, electrical appliances, bathroom fittings, power backup and parking space. 17A Micawber Street apartment, situated on the 4th floor in a 5 year old building is a one bedroom rented apartment with kitchen and living room. Electrical appliances such as dishwasher, heater, geyser and freezer, refrigerator are provides within the apartment. Landlord is providing a LED tv with sky facility. Laundry service is also available at 200 yards from the apartment at discounted rates. Safety measures are very important for every rented accommodation. At 17A Micawber Street apartment, you will get CCTV cameras, fire alarms, fie blanket, fire extinguisher and first aid kit. These things keep you safe and secure during any kind of mis-happening. To keep you connected with the world via internet , you will get a 17Mbits wireless line and a HTC Wildfire S smart phone with unlimited internet access on the go. For your comfortable stay in bedroom, a very comfortable double bed with brand new mattresses and vaccum cleaner. Most of the tenants who are couple always look for a good modular kitchen before renting an apartment. 17A Micawber Street apartment in London has all the basic facilities required for a good kitchen. Tenants will get Fridge, Freezer, Microwave, Electric oven etc for a good kitchen experience. As a professional, if you are looking for a rented apartment, then you should have a clear idea of all the features or facilities you are looking for. You can find different set of facilities in various luxury apartments in London. For a good deal, the above mentioned point is very important, otherwise you may get stuck up living in a house you never wanted to.
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