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Robert Bosch started Bosch Appliances with a very

by:KINBART     2020-08-08
Bosch Appliances have tried to make picking your new Bosch dishwasher very easy, they have broken their range down into 4 sub-range. Logixx 'Active Water' is the premium range, Exxcel 'active water' which is the Mid-range models, Avantixx is the lower range but with added value feature and Classixx is the simple but practical range. Logixx 'ActiveWater' Range is the premium dishwasher range with exceptional cutting egde features and extras. These premium models feature Bosch's new Active Water technology as well as heat exchanger drying and 3 automatic wash programs. All Logixx models allow upto 14 place settings. Exxcel 'ActiveWater' Range is the mid-range, these dishwashers come with 13 place setting capacity. Models in this range use less water and are queiter and boast more features and functions that the basic models. the AquaStar model in this range uses just 7 litres of water and only 0.96kWh of electricity. Avantixx Range is a new range which Bosch have added for 2010, products in this range offer good features at a affordable price, including easy to read LED displays and a wide range of programming options. They boast more features than the Clasixx models such as a Auto 55-65C program. Classixx Range is the simple but practical range of dishwashers. they still have the exceptional build quality that Bosch is renowned for but certain features are missing like the LED push button display, plus programmes are limited. If you want a easy to use no frill washer opt for a Classixx you will not be disappointed. Quick wash programs still only take 29 minutes with these no frills excellent machines All Bosch dishwashers are 'A' rated and over half of the new models have a A rating. Bosch have designed the new range of washing machines with the environment in mind their 'ActiveWater' models use only 7 Liters of water and just 0.96kWh on a standard 50 degree program. Which is 25% less energy than a standard dishwasher 15 years ago. ActiveWater not only saves water and energy but also increases wash performance with faster heating up times, optimum water circulation and improved pump performance. Find the perfect dishwasher at
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