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Self cleaning system

Self cleaning system


The arm washing self-cleaning design can automatically clean the residue in the arm washing, without the need for operators to carry out tedious arm washing every day.

Self cleaning method of arm washing:

1. Open the front baffle of the wash arm

2. Remove the filter screen and basket

3. Close all doors

4. Start the cleaning procedure

The pre washing module and the main washing module all use the self-cleaning washing arm.

Sanitation is the most important indicator for cleaning all kinds of tableware. Therefore, regular cleaning of dishwasher is also necessary, which takes a lot of time. This situation has been greatly improved by the self-cleaning system designed by kinbar, which is also very unique in the field of dishwasher technology. The special design of the self-cleaning of the wash arm can clean the inside of the wash arm without removing it. The reasonable arrangement of professional cleaning nozzle can wash the back of the door inside the machine while cleaning the washing arm. Through such a design, the best cleaning effect is achieved in the whole washing room. The whole system obviously reduces the labor intensity of cleaning. It only needs to press the start button to carry out self-cleaning. While ensuring the best sanitary effect, the whole operation is quite comfortable and convenient. The cleaning of Changlong machine has never been as simple and fast as it is now.

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