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Surviving with a broken dishwasher is never fun

by:KINBART     2020-08-09
The first step to repairing your dishwasher is to deduce what is wrong with it. Carefully inspect the entire machine. Make sure that it has not come unplugged and that the power outlet is still working. Make sure that none of the inside components have been blocked or jammed by food residue or stray utensils. Once you are sure it is really broken, you should look for troubleshooting and repair instructions. There are numerous websites dedicated to home repair and many of them feature detailed diagnostic and repair instructions for specific models of dishwashers. Once you have identified the problem and figured out what you need to fix it, it is time to go shopping for parts. There are a number of places you can look for repair parts in Orange County. Your local hardware store, for example, should have most of the basics. Make sure that you know the exact model number of both your dishwasher and the part that you are looking for. If you cannot find the part locally, you may have better luck looking online. The internet is an amazing resource for rare and discontinued parts and you should have no problem finding the part that you need. Once you have obtained all the replacement parts, it is time to do the actual repairs. Make sure that the dishwasher is unplugged from the wall and that its water source is shut off before you begin. Water and electricity can be a dangerous combination, especially for an amateur mechanic. If you are careful and you follow the directions exactly, however, your trusty Maytag should be fixed in no time. Fixing your own dishwasher may not be the fastest or easiest way to get it running again. It is, however, the cheapest. More importantly, it gives you a chance to get to know your dishwasher. You will know how all of its pieces fit together and, should the appliance break again in the future, you will be much more able to fix it. By diagnosing the problem, finding repair parts and, finally, fixing your dishwasher, you will save money and feel satisfied with a job well done.
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