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For those of us who own a dishwasher, but not an inheritance, the following tips will help to prolong the life of our dishwasher, and, in turn, can stave off replacement costs. The cleaning process of manual dishwashing mostly relies upon physical scrubbing to achieve its cleaning effect; mechanical dishwashers, on the other hand, works on the principle of spraying hot water at dirty dishes. Both water and a detergent are utilized at first, and then a rinse cycle which sprays clean water removes any soap residues. A standard brand, such as an aeg dishwasher, will often have a series of wash and rinse periods within the entire cycle. The product life for an average dishwasher is about fifteen years. But, just as with other big ticket items, a little maintenance and care can prolong the life of your dishwasher, help it to perform more efficiently, and save money on repair bills. Try the following strategies: Check that filter If you open your dishwasher's door, you'll notice a filter on its floor. This filter is designed to catch and trap any food scraps. Before you reload your dishwasher with dirty dishes, first check to ensure that this filter is clean. If not, clean it before reloading. Prowl for rust In looking at your dishwasher, you'll also notice that the dish racks have been built with tines, which hold cups, bowls, or plates in place during the washing and rinsing cycles. If these tines rust, they can not only leave rust stains on otherwise clean dishes, but, more ominously, can fall off and damage the dishwasher's pump. Ouch! Be on the lookout for any nicked or otherwise damaged tines. Rack repair kits, which can be bought at hardware stores or in the repair sections of appliance stores, can be used to replace broken or damaged tines. Option B is to buy replacement racks for that dishwasher. Utilize full spray power Again, if you look at your dishwasher, you'll notice its spray arms, which, depending on the model you own, are found on the ceiling or the floor of the dishwasher. As you can imagine, both detergent and food particles can plug the small holes on the spray arm, which leads to uneven distribution of sprayed water during the clean cycle. Sink seconds Most dishwashers are the built in dishwasher type, located next to the sink. This makes the next tip easy to implement: before turning on your dishwasher, let the hot water in the sink run for ten seconds. By doing this, you heat the water in the pipes leading to the dishwasher, and you subsequently shorten the run time of the dishwasher, and save water and energy.
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