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That's right, dirty windows again, already! Windows

by:KINBART     2020-07-06
Have you read every article about the proper way to clean your windows, and still hate the job, and they still have streaks running across them? Do you use vinegar and newspapers? How about that glass cleaner where the birds fly into the windows because they are so clean? In that commercial they use their own glass cleaner. You've tried it and it doesn't look quite that clean. Should you hire someone like happy maid to clean them? Is there a person like happy maid? So quit stalling, and get out there and start cleaning, no one else is going to do it, so get your rubber gloves, window cleaner, squeegee and clean dry towels and get started. One window at a time. Whether you have one window or a baker's dozen or more set a day to wash your windows inside and out. On that day as long as it doesn't rain or the wind blows get up a little earlier than usual and after the kids have gone off to school, and the man of the house has gone off somewhere else, get busy. Start on the shady part of the house because it is difficult to have your windows clean without streaks with the sun shining directly on them. You can do the other side when the sun moves out of the way, and it will. Get that trusty sponge, dip it in the soapy water, forgot to mention that above, dishwasher soap works good on glasses and it may work all right on windows too. Soap the window down, run the sponge over every single inch of your window. Get the garden hose and rinse the soapy mess off. Then either get the squeegee and run it down the window, and wipe it on a towel before you do it again, or you can dry and shine the window with clean towels, one that has been washed, but not softened and is dry. Otherwise use that window cleaner that you spray on, and squeegee it off and use that towel again to wipe off the excess off the squeegee, and you're done. Except for the rest of the windows, and don't use the sponge and bucket of hot water on the inside. DUH!
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