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The role of the kitchen in our homes has changed

by:KINBART     2020-07-17
With cell phones, pagers and computers becoming staples in everyday life; will kitchen equipment and appliances follow suit and jump into the home network? The electronics industry is cooking up support for so-called 'smart' kitchens -- especially in new homes. The need for speed coupled with the desire for old-fashioned home cooking has led to the invention of several new products that could make the kitchen the center of the home. The smart kitchen features refrigerators equipped with cable-ready TV screens, refrigerators that can monitor the shelf life of your in-box items, ovens that will download recipes from the Internet and can be temperature-controlled during the day, so all you have to do is make a call on your cell phone to get dinner cooking. There are many kitchen equipments making the kitchen smarter by the day. Normally when you think of intelligence in a home, you would probably think of the kitchen last. Seeking to change that is a gas leak sensor as a kitchen accessory. This device takes away the worry of a gas leak, be it CNG or LPG. This sensor is installed in the kitchen in close proximity to the gas cylinder/pipeline. In case of gas leak, the sensor informs the main panel which then activates the hooter/alarm. High ceilings are used to your advantage by looking upward for storage. The cabinets are stacked higher to store kitchen wares that are rarely used to maximize the space you have. Also, keep essentials that you use on a regular basis in the lower cabinets so that they are easy to reach. Use lighter colors on the cabinetry to visually expand the space and make it appear light and airy. Cabinetry with glass doors on the front can also help open up the kitchen space and help you locate kitchen items easily. A mirrored backsplash is a great design trick that is used by many interior designers and stylists to visually expand the kitchen space. Mirrors reflect light to make small spaces appear larger. Combine the mirrored facing with an electric cooktop that doubles as a countertop along with cabinetry painted in all white to create the illusion of roominess. Make more efficient use of your space, from simple drawer inserts to clever pullout shelving units, to full-on custom cabinetry that enables storing. Keep dishes either close to the dishwasher so they're easy to put away - or close to the table, so it's a snap to set. Consider different countertop heights. If you're short, you might want to lower some countertops below the 36-inch standard -- a good rule of thumb is countertops should be 3 inches below your elbow. Choose drawers instead of cupboards for heavy, large items such as pots; they slide out and make it easier to find what you're reaching for. Wood is a natural material. Its grain and color make every kitchen unique. To clean them, simply wipe them in the direction of the wood grain using a slightly damp cloth to remove dirt particles from the pores. Kitchens need not really be the messiest place on earth as with a little bit of effort you can keep them spic-and-span and absolutely organized. Besides, when at home we do end up spending a lot of time in the kitchen, then why should a little inspiration hurt. The idea is to make your kitchen comfy, functional and beautiful. The kitchen at Mulberry Woods by Saran Developers is equipped with thought provoking kitchen concept. The kitchen is smart-making the time spent for cooking enjoyable with immense convenience.
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