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There are a lot of citrus juicers. As a matter of fact

by:KINBART     2020-07-17
Squeezer These are typically used for juicing lemon and lime for cooking, making cocktails or other such purposes. They are good if a person juices once in a while. They are not good for people who suffer from arthritis. Also, they are not good for people who have small hands. These look like two big spoons - one on top of the other. They are attached at the round end and the two handles are brought together to squeeze the fruit in between. Reamer A reamer is also a small kitchen utensil. It is cone-shaped at one end. The cone has deep ridges. To use reamers, the citrus fruit has to be cut in half. Holding the fruit in one hand and the reamer in another, the reamer is used on the exposed flesh of the fruit. A wrist twisting movement is needed in extracting the juice. Press A citrus press was designed by Isaac Zaksenberg in 1928. It had a long lever attached and it is rather big. The fruit is placed in between two plates. The lever is used to bring the upper plate downwards to squeeze the fruit. The later models of manual citrus juicers incorporate the theories behind the ones mentioned above. There are pressers that have the upper part of the ream incorporated in the design. Simply place half of the citrus fruit on top of the ream and use the lever to press. There are squeezers that look that way too. It has the part holding the fruit with some sort of ream on it. The principle behind them is the same. However, some use a pressing and twisting motion for a higher juice yield. Electric versions are also made nowadays. Less effort is always exerted when one uses electric juicers. Nevertheless, manual citrus juicers are still the easiest to clean. Anyone can dump them in the dishwasher afterwards. The same cannot be done using electric juicers. These are the different kinds of citrus juicers. Between 1880 and 1910 alone, there were already more than 200 patented designed for these juicers. Yet, all of them squeeze, press or ream the citrus fruit.
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