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Though exhaust fans are good but they do not perform

by:KINBART     2020-07-16
In case, oily and spicy food or non-vegetarian food is cooked almost regularly, then you should look for a chimney which has high air suction capacity. Otherwise, a chimney with medium air suction capacity will be suitable. The electric chimneys are fitted with either grease filters or the charcoal filters. The grease filter or mesh filter is contains about a number of layers of aluminum mesh ranging from three to seven. These layers are meant for ensuring useful cleansing. The aluminum mesh is of great use as it helps in retaining the grease particles that are contained in the fumes. This filter can be easily washed by hand or in a dishwasher. It finds much application in the kitchen where the food cooked is generally very oily and greasy. The purpose solved by the charcoal filter is to absorb the odor. It cannot be used until the chimney is fitted in the Recycling mode. The thickness of the filters and the charcoal pieces used determines the capacity of the odor which can be absorbed by these filters. But if this filter is fitted in the chimney, then you will be required to replace it regularly on a quarterly basis as it is not washable. Mostly the auto clean chimney available in the market is the common choice among the buyers as it demands very low maintenance. Another type of chimney which is popular in the Indian kitchens where oily food is cooked in routine is the oil collector chimney. So you can choose accordingly as per the needs of your kitchen and the type of food you cook as well as your budget.
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