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Today there is so much talk about eco-friendly living

by:KINBART     2020-07-08
What makes crockery environmentally friendly? It should either come from recycled or quickly renewable materials. Most recycled dishes are in either glass or plastic. Renewable materials come from bamboo or sugarcane. All of these products are available from countless online retailers and artisans, and can also be found at some larger stores, such as Target. If you are looking to set an elegant table, consider using recycled glass crockery. If you purchase it from an artisan you can be assured of getting a one-of-a-kind product. Recycled glass can be molded or blown into any shape. As long as clear glass is the base, it is possible to add a variety of colors to create unique designs. It is even possible to get recycled glass dishes that have the small bubbles indicative of hand-blown work. Some artisans etch their work as well. And if you are not looking for something quite so unique (and therefore expensive) you can also get recycled glassware from box stores that may not be quite as exclusive, but will still be just as environmentally friendly. Recycled plastic can also make great tableware. The best kind of recycled plastic is melamine, a hard plastic that is dishwasher safe. One of the most popular melamine designs mimics confetti and instantly brightens your kitchen. If you have young children, this sturdy crockery is your best bet for making your dishes last until the kids have grown up. Next in line for eco-friendly crockery is bamboo-based products. Bamboo is a fast-renewing resource and therefore an excellent substitute for traditional wood and paper products. Bamboo can grow up to 12 inches in a single day and some varieties of bamboo grow up to 100ft. Various species of bamboo can be found world-wide, though the largest varieties are found in Asia. One way that bamboo can be used in eco-friendly plates is by pulping it and then molding it into various styles of plates, cups, and bowls. Molded bamboo doesn't need any glue the way regular paper plates do, so it is complete bio-degradable. Bamboo dishes can also be made by peeling layers directly from the bamboo stalk. This makes for a wood grain finish. If you are in the market for disposable crockery that is still good for the environment, try sugarcane dishes. Sugarcane is a by-product of sugar making that is commonly burned as waste. However, it can also be pulped and made into dishes. It is totally bio-degradable and also comes from a renewable resource. Most southern sugar growers are able to bring two or three crops to maturity per year so there is a lot of sugarcane available. With this tips, you should be able to see just how easy going green with your crockery can be.
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