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by:KINBART     2020-06-18
This amazing invention is a child's bowl that is designed to keep the food inside the container, rather than on the floor, no matter what the angle. This revolutionary design ensures that if the bowl dips precariously close to what you think is a spill angle, it will not spill. Swing the bowl around and around, and what is inside stays inside. 'The Magic is in the middle,' as the commercial says. With the Gyro Bowl, you can confidently fill it with snacks, cereal or anything else your toddler enjoys, and you can be sure it will either stay in the bowl or end up in your child's stomach. The science behind this product is similar to the gyroscope. Remember the toy gyroscope? The device was invented in 1917, and for decades it has been a popular educational toy. That toy was based on a device used to measure or maintain orientation. Technically, the gyroscope is based on the principles of conservation of angular momentum and inertia. The inner chamber of the bowl rotates to find its own center of gravity. What that means is that the gyroscope stays steady while its axle takes up any orientation. In the case of the Gyro Bowl, this means that what you put in the bowl stays in the bowl. While based on the same principle, using the spill-proof Gyro Bowl is a lot more fun than mining or tunneling. And it can save you a lot of clean up time. When you fill it with a food item or snack, like Cheerios, the Gyro Bowl will always maintain a position with the open side facing up. This means that the Cheerios will not spill out. If your child moves the Gyro Bowl, the contents stay safe. The bowl stays steady while another bowl covers it up. The result is you can feel safe letting your child take snacks in the car, the living room and in the store as he rides along in the grocery cart. When your little one is done with his snack, snap shut the stay-fresh lid until a later time. While moms will love the spill-proof nature of the Gyro Bowl, the kids will like the bright turquoise and orange colors. This kid-proof product is made from a BPA-free sturdy plastic and it is dishwasher safe. This amazing storage container can also be used by the grown-ups in your house. Dad can fill it with nails or tacks when he's working on a household project. The feet at the bottom of the bowl will keep it steady, even as he reaches for a nail. Mom can fill it with a variety of household products, like paperclips. That way, she will always have what she needs at her finger tips. Older siblings can also fill it with their snacks. Place a Gyro Bowl full of fruit or trail mix next to their computer or game system, and you'll know that nothing is going to spill out. Other Gadgets If you are someone who loves to find the newest kitchen gadget, there are other products that will catch your eye: Ham Dogger Love the ease of eating a hot dog, but want a healthier alternative? Or perhaps you have lots of extra hot dog buns, but nothing to fill them with. The Ham Dogger may be what you are looking for. The Ham Dogger is used to form hot dog-shaped quarter-pound hamburgers. You can use turkey for an even healthier alternative. If you're feeling even more creative, the Ham Dogger is designed to let you create a burger with a number of tasty fillings. Toast It Bags Turn your toaster into a grill with reusable Toast It Bags. This is an easy, no-mess way to prepare pizza, hot sandwiches, garlic bread and more without having to heat up your oven or your grill. Say goodbye to cleaning up melted cheese. These special non-stick bags can be used up to 50 times before you need to replace them. They come in a set of two bags, each measuring 10 inches by 7 inches. Funnel-it Quick Bottle Transfer How many times do you end up with a dollop of perfectly good, but unreachable ketchup in the bottom of a bottle? The Funnel-it Quick Bottle Transfer saves you time and money and eliminates waste by transferring one bottle's contents to another. You can use it to transfer anything in a bottle - shampoos, lotions, oils, etc. Just put the Funnel-it into an old bottle and connect it to the new one. No matter your age or stage in life, there are kitchen gadgets that will make your life easier.
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