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Whenever we eat out, we find the atmosphere inside

by:KINBART     2020-06-22
Don't be misled into believing that all is calm and serene at the back of the restaurants as well. The atmosphere there is frenzied and chaotic with a diverse staff, engaged in a variety of work, to ensure that we get the best food in an ambience of our choice. A good employs people with assorted skills and talents. The jobs in a restaurant are equally varied and call for people with a multiplicity of talents. There are back of the house jobs and there are front of the house jobs. The front of the house jobs call for people who have seemingly pasted permanent smiles on their faces, who are always courteous and who even under extremely challenging conditions have the ability to remain calm and unruffled. These workers include bartenders, waiters and managers. Back of the house jobs in a restaurants include chefs, cooks, maintenance people, accountants and dishwashers. There is such a wide variety of job requirements that are amongst the most frequent, compared to professions in other industries. Entry level jobs at a cafe are those of a dishwasher and busboy, more commonly called bussers. Dishwashing is not a job that everyone wants to take up and is not really the most sought-after job in a restaurant but it does give you a chance to work your way to the top. There have been many instances of cafe owners starting their careers as dishwashers. Dishwashers are usually promoted to becoming busboys. Young kids just out of school are often preferred. They manage many small tasks, prime amongst them being to bus the dining room tables, fetching ingredients for the kitchen, assisting the cook - bussing positions are good indicators of the worth of a worker and the perfect way to judge which job in the hospitality he or she is ideally suited for. Apart from the restaurants owner two of the most important people at the cafe, who can be the difference between success and failure, are the head chef and the cafe manager. The head chef controls the kitchen and is virtually the manager of the kitchen, supervising the cooks, ordering the ingredients and overseeing every aspect of the food from the menu, to the presentation. The restaurant manager's job is perhaps the most vital of all. He or she attends to the day-to-day aspects of the business and must be on his toes from the time the opens till the time it downs its shutters. The manager is also in charge of filling job openings at the restaurant, as also allotting duties to respecting workers and resolving diff erences that are a common occupational hazard in such an industry. Irrespective of the job you do at the cafe, from the manager, to the bartender, to the cook, to the dishwasher, you are all part of a team and only working in harmony will ensure that the restaurants runs smoothly.
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