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You've probably read through all sorts of reviews

by:KINBART     2020-06-16
According to the most of the hype, every new piece of cookware is meant to be the solution to some of our most common cookware gripes. In many ways it sounds almost too good to be true. So, before we invest some of our own hard earned...... into buying one of these pans, we want to be sure that these products are all they are made out to be! What is need is a reliable, non-bias product review that is written for the user in mind and not the manufacturer. Someone who is prepared to cut through the TV commercial hype. Someone who is prepared to objectively look at each product, discuss the unique benefits, the pro's and con's of each product promotion, the best place to buy, the latest special offers and whether the manufactures claims are backed up by a reliable, trustworthy money-backed guarantee or warranty. Unfortunately, reliable reviews are few and far between. So what are some of the things you should look for in your new cookware? Well, without a doubt the most important feature of a modern piece of cookware is a safe, non toxic, no stick surface. Non stick is fantastic and is generally a healthy way to cook - free of saturated fats and oils. But non stick hasn't always been healthy. Today, more than ever we are becoming aware of the dangers our old cookware may pose. Non stick has been with us for years but concerns arose over some of the chemicals used in the non stick process. Toxins like lead and a man made chemical known as PFOA (Perfluorooctanoic Acid, also known as C8) are now treated like a carcinogen. But with some of the modern cookware products, these concerns are hopefully a thing of the past. That's great, but how long do they stay 'non stick'? Many products are often promoted as non-stick but after a few months of use or a few rounds in the dishwasher, they start to lose the non-stick surface. If that isn't bad enough, quite often, over time the special non-stick coating seems to gradually disappear leaving you with the need to cook with oil or butter so as to avoid your food sticking to the pan. So, the cookware you choose should have a safe, ceramic surface that is guaranteed to be non-stick for life. Other things to consider include: design with convenience in mind, a stay-cool handle that is also comfortable to grip, the ability to transfer the cookware straight from the stove to the oven without concern of damaging the cookware and of course a genuine, 'no catch' lifetime warranty that you can rely on. Where's the best place to buy your cookware? Nowadays, you can track down a fantastic 'bargain' online. But with so many online retailers, who is the best? Quite often that best place to order your cookware is directly from the product manufacturer's website. That way you're guaranteed to get the genuine product with the latest offers, bonuses, specials or discounts that's backed up by the manufacturer's lifetime warranty. And what's more, they'll typically deliver it conveniently to your home at little or no cost...
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